Gamify Your Online Business

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Why Should I Do It?
Gamification is the process of adding elements of play to activity that you are doing or that you want your potential customers or customers to do. 
So instead of bringing them to a regular sales page, one example of gamification is that you might bring them to a landing page that offers a quiz.
The quiz makes them feel as if the information provided is more personal. 
They take the quiz, providing a lot of data and information to you that you can then use in your product development and marketing. 
Their quiz answers lead them to a sales page that you made just for the person who answered the questions the way that they did. 
Gamification can really help you motivate yourself and your audience. 
You’ll get more opt-ins, make more sales, and increase your engagement with your audience.

In This Gamify Your Online Business E-book, 
You'll Find The Followings:
Turn Your Opt-in into a Game
  1. Why Turning Your Opt-In into a Game is a Good Idea
  2. Decide on a Topic and Come Up with the Content
  3. Create a Point System and Badges
  4. Keep It Simple and Fun
  5. & More…
Interesting Facts About Gamification
  1. 30 Interesting Facts About Gamification
Turn Your Opt-in into a Game E-workbook
  1. This workbook goes with the eBook: Turn Your Opt-In into a Game. Go  through and answer the questions and take the actions and the steps to reach your goals.
Gamifying Your Online Business
  1. Welcome and How Gamifying Your Business Can Help You
  2. What Does Gamifying Your Business Mean?
  3. How Gamifying Your Business Boosts Your Productivity and Your Bottom Line
  4. Gamifying Your Business for Yourself and Your Customers
  5. Turn Your Daily To-Do List into a Game
  6. Start Tracking Your Daily Sales and Challenge Yourself to Beat Those Totals
  7. Find a Friend and Challenge Each Other to Work Sprints
  8. Engage Your Subscribers by Giving Them Tasks and Offering Prizes
  9. Bribe Yourself to Reach Milestone Goals
  10. Got Writing to Do? There are Websites Out There That Turn It into a Game
  11. How to Turn Your Business Goals into Objectives That Make It a Game
  12. Walking the Fine Line Between Challenging Yourself Enough and Taking All the Fun Out of It
  13. What Kinds of Games Do You Like to Play and How Can You Incorporate Some of That into Your Work Schedule?
  14. The Basics of Game Mechanics You Should Know
  15. How to Turn a 7-Day Email Sequence into a Fun Game
  16. Gamifying Your Business for Your Customers Creates Loyalty
  17. Gamify Your Comments or Forum Posts to Encourage Quality Content Contribution
  18. Three Ideas for Scorecards You Can Create to Hold Yourself Accountable
  19. Let’s Talk About Game Rewards
  20. Get Hooked on the Game with Frequent Early Rewards
  21. 3 Important Rules to Follow Before You Implement Gamification for Your Customers or Subscribers
  22. Meaningful Rewards Make Any Gamification More Fun
  23. Don’t Be Afraid to Change the Rules if Things Aren’t Working Out
  24. Come Up with a Series of Badges for Your Membership Site or Course
  25. Quick Tip to Increase Subscribers – Add a Progress Bar
  26. Using Loss Aversion to Keep Your Members Active and Engaged
  27. Tap into Your Customer and Affiliates Competitive Nature with Leader Boards
  28. The Power of Using a Points System to Show Progress Towards a Goal
  29. Track Your Results After Implementing Some Gamification
  30. Let’s Recap the Tips and Ideas
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